Welcome to Cottonwood Orthodontic and Dental Laboratory

Welcome to Cottonwood Orthodontic & Dental Laboratory Inc. Our state-of-the-art facility and skilled technicians have produced top end dental and orthodontic appliances across the nation for six years. Simply put: We produce quality, great fitting appliances and cases that preserve our doctors' most valuable resource- their time!

Our mission statement is simple: "We'll Make it Right." This is our promise to you.

Most orthodontic and dental laboratories offer few guarantees for fit and delivery. We put our money where our mouth is with our “Perfect-Fit” guarantee. Cottonwood Lab's orthodontic and dental cases will fit, or we'll remake them for free. You will never pay for the remake! Our “On Time Guarantee” is simple. Our orthodontic appliances and our dental cases are on time, or they are free!

At Cottonwood Laboratories, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we exercise a level of communication that other orthodontic and dental laboratories do not. At Cottonwood, we will make every orthodontic and dental case to the doctor’s individual needs. Our goal is to create a customer service level of experience that will not only reach, but also surpass all client expectations.

If you are not currently one of our customers, we encourage you to try Cottonwood Laboratory services. Like all of our orthodontists and dentists, we believe you will be very satisfied with our work.

Our competitive pricing, on time shipping, and great fitting appliances have set us apart from the competition. We know once you try one of our “Perfect-Fit” cases, you will want to use us exclusively!

We sincerely hope we can be a practice changing experience for you.

Thank you,

Seth Farley

CO-Owner, Cottonwood Laboratories Inc.



Cottonwood Orthodontic Lab has been a practice changing addition to my office. I have never worked with a lab that provides such high quality work and exceptional customer service. They have shortened my chair time because of their meticulous eye for detail. I would recommend Cottonwood Orthodontic Lab to any of my colleagues.

-Timothy Elison DMD MS Salt Lake City, UT


I highly recommend Cottonwood Orthodontic Lab. Brandon is very meticulous in all aspects of his lab demonstrated by his steadfast commitment to a quality product complimented by exceptional customer service. The appliances fit well with little to no adjustments, arrive clean and ready for delivery, and most importantly, arrive on time for the patients' appointments. I find this assiduous devotion to quality, dependability, and customer service, more than compensate for the inconvenience of shipping by saving valuable chair time. I have used local labs over the past 16 years; however, I use Cottonwood Labs exclusively.

-Dr. Charles P. Thomas, Jr.



Snap it! Available at Cottonwood Labs

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Cottonwood Dental and Orthodontic Laboratory are now offering Snap-it and Snap-On Smile. Cottonwood Laboratories is proud to offer this revolutionary product.  We have been serving Dentists and Orthodontists with quality Dental Cases and Orthodontic Appliances for over 6 years. We are now offing both of these amazing products at an amazing price.  To learn more about snap-it and snap on-smile click here. 

Please contact us if you have questions...

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